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operates high end productions and concert-recordings in 3D, 4K and HD at realistic budgets
licenses all content on various platforms
comes in with finance if needed
believes in the future success of concert 3D live-transmissions



/ 3D live

The final concert of the 2012/2013 tour

3D ob-van, 10 high end 3D rigs, BlackCam system, Cruiser Cam, 50' SuperTechno, Shot for Wacken 3D

Wacken 3D - Louder Than Hell

/ theatrical movie for worldwide release

A no holds barred exploration of the legendary Wacken Open Air, the biggest heavy metal festival of the world.

stereoscopic 3D, shot with 18 high end 3D rigs and a crew of more than 140. theatrical release spring 2014, on blu-ray from 12/2014


Alice Cooper

/ 3D live

One of the best 3D concerts ever. Alice Cooper in front of 70.000 enthusiastic fans.

3D ob-van, 12 high end 3D rigs, BlackCam system, Cruiser Cam, 50' SuperTechno, Shot for Wacken 3D

Deep Purple

/ 3D live

still hot with their new album and of course: 'smoke on the water'

3D ob-van, 10 high end 3D rigs, BlackCam system, 30' SuperTechno, Shot for Wacken 3D


/ 3D live

Lemmy's only appearance in the summer of 2013

3D ob-van, 10 high end 3D rigs, BlackCam remote camera system, GF8 remote-crane, Shot for Wacken 3D


/ 3D live

Scott Ian – metal legend

3D ob-van, 10 high end 3D rigs, CruiserCam, BlackCam system, 50' SuperTechno, Shot for Wacken 3D


Screen Daily

Wacken heavy metal festival film to shoot in 3D

Wacken Open Air, one of the world’s biggest heavy metal music festivals, is to be filmed for a 3D feature-length documentary. Wacken 3D – Louder Than Hell will shoot from July 22 to August 5, encompassing the festival set in the German countryside that takes place from ...

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28.06.13 Michael Rosser

The Hollywood Reporter

Heavy Metal Festival Wacken Turns It Up With 3D Documentary

"Wacken 3D - Louder Than Hell" will shoot at the annual event in a tiny German town, which this year will feature Rammstein, Motorhead, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple and others. Wacken Open Air, the world's largest heavy metal festival, is turning it up to 11 this year with a 3D ...

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28.06.13 Scott Roxborough

Metal Hammer

Wacken 3D: Das Festival kommt als Film ins Kino

Unter dem Titel ‘Wacken 3D: Louder Than Hell’ entsteht in diesem Jahr ein Film, der das Festival zum greifen nah ins Kino bringen soll. Das Wacken Open Air ist längst ein Phänomen, das weit über die Metal-Grenzen hinaus reicht. Auch Filmstoff gab das Festival bereits ...

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01.07.13 Metal Hammer Redaktion

Business Punk

Augen auf und durch!

Wacken, das größte Metal-Festival der Welt, ist für alle 85000 Besucher eine Herausforderung. Leute, die hier eine 3D-Doku drehen wollen, müssen völlig verrückt sein. Wir haben sie begleitet.

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Medien Bulletin

Spektakuläre Perspektiven

Das Wacken Open Air Festival (W:O:A) in Schleswig-Holstein hat seit seiner Gründung 1990 nicht nur das Besucheraufkommen um das hundertfache gesteigert, sondern sich auch zu einem großen Medienevent entwickelt. Sender wie ZDFkultur und NDR berichten ...

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01.09.13 Birgit Heidsiek

Live Production

Wacken in 3D – Louder than Hell

"Wacken" is unique. Indescribable. Almost legend. Once a year, for three days in August, the small village in the North-German province is the epicenter, the mass phenomenon and the world capital of the harder pace. Nearly 75,000 "metal heads" from all over the world get ...

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Fixon Media

Wacken Open Air Festival To Get 3D Movie Treatment

Heading into its 25th year in 2014, Wacken Open Air’s humble beginnings on a field in Northern Germany are a far-cry from the festival’s 2013 stats of 75,000 attendees and 137 bands on seven stages. For a vast portion of us, second-hand accounts or ...

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17.08.13 David E. Gehlke


WACKEN 3D: Heavy Metal mit 18 Kamerateams

Vom 1. bis 3. August bebte im Wacken die Erde. Mehr als 130 Bands rockten „louder than hell“ in dem sonst eher vergessenen holsteinischen Ort, ein paar Autominuten nördlich von Itzehoe. Beim Wacken Open Air 2013, dem weltgrößten Heavy-Metal-Festival, war ...

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25.07.13 Peter Dehn


Tomas Erhart

Has been working in the biz for more than 30 years. For his cinematographic oevre he received numerous awards and nominations. Co-founder of the prestigous Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and strongly connected to the music business. Beeing cought by 3D at a very early stage, he pioneered on 3D – projects with Lang Lang and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Tomas re-invented 3D rigs and workflows for the special needs during the production of the movie: Wacken 3D.

Tony Gregory

Live director

is regarded as one of the worldwide leading Live Concert Directors, collaborating with artists such as Beyonce, Eminem, Kylie Minogue and many others.

Norbert Heitker


One of Germany's most experienced music-video and advertising directors. Numerous national and international awards. Working experience with bands like Rammstein and many more.

Sven Offen

Live director

Directed numerous live-concerts over the past 20 years. Sven was the first director worldwide to operate a 3D concert live-transmission into more than 90 cinemas across europe.

Konstantin Tschernow

Assistant producer

Coming from a tv and broadcast background, Konstantin is an expert in satellite transmissions and the technical supervisor on all Jumpseat projects.


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